Precast Erector PCI Certification Audits:

Serving as your external field auditor, I can help you become PCI Certified Erector. I will work closely with you to determine the best point at which to audit your erection crews so your audits are meaningful and still give you an opportunity to correct any deficiencies. Audit reports are submitted to you with in 24-48 hours. With that report I will submit photographs and location information so that you know exactly where your issues occur making it simple to locate and evaluate them allowing you to formulate the best possible response to PCI.

Third-Party QC Inspections:

With the need to mitigate risk in every way possible and insure the highest quality result without jeopardizing your schedule, periodic audits of your precast construction projects will give you an in-depth evaluation of the precast erectors work. These Quality Control Audits encompass every aspect of a precast construction project from preconstruction planning, conformance to PCI standards, adherence to applicable safety standards, requisite documentation, to inspection of equipment. Taking advantage of Dubbelde Precast Consulting’s experience and knowledge can help you achieve safety and quality standards above the expectation of your customer.

Precast Project Planning:

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute has standards for precast erectors when it comes to pre-construction planning. Dubbelde Precast Consulting can advise you on PCI’s requirements insuring the erector is held accountable for any delays that result from untimely identification of any issues. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance and making sure the erector performs all of the necessary pre-construction tasks protects you from the costly back-charges that result from delays.

Becoming a Precast Erector:

With all of the commercial construction work in progress these days, some precast producers are finding it difficult to meet the demand for precast construction projects. Expanding your service offerings to include precast concrete installation could have a significant positive effect on your bottom line. Like a person making his or her first foray into the world of gainful employment, breaking the cycle of not getting hired because of a lack of experience that can only be cured by being hired, can be a challenge. Dubbelde Precast Consulting can help you establish yourself in the precast concrete installation business by guiding you on proper policy and procedure, documentation, preparation of estimates, selecting effective crew sizes, and rigging and equipment selection.